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About Fenero

Fenero was established in 2013 to help borrowers access finance at the best rates and terms quickly and easily. As a Finance Broker with more than 20 years finance experience, we can assist with most Finance needs ranging from a simple Residential Home or Investment Loan through to more complicated Business and Commercial Finance Loans. We are accredited with a full panel of lenders including major banks, non-bank and second tier lenders and Private Funders to ensure we find you the best deal possible.

As an Accredited Finance Broker with a broad panel of lenders, not only can we arrange the best deal without the stress of doing it yourself, but our services for Residential/Home Loans are free as we are paid by the Financiers for facilitating your finance. Note that for Business/Commercial and structured deals, depending on size generally involve the borrower paying a loan Success Fee which will be discussed and disclosed before the loan proceeds to a formal application.

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  • Home Loan

    We are accredited with a huge panel of Banks, non-banks and other home loan lenders so will ensure you obtain the best rate and most suitable financier for your needs.
  • Business/Commercial Loans

    We can assist to facilitate finance for most Business/Commercial needs whether you are looking to buy a Commercial Property, utilise equity in another property to invest in your business or purchase Business equipment or arrange a working capital facility. Our lending panel includes the major banks as well as non-bank and second tier lenders.
  • Private Finance

    If you require short-term finance secured by a Real Estate asset (Asset Lend) without the need to provide detailed financial (income) information, we have a large panel of funders who can assist. Note other information such as how you will repay the loan (‘Exit’) and your net asset position etc will be required however. Private Loans can take many forms including; First Mortgage, Second Mortgage (Registered & Unregistered) and Caveat Loans. These loans are only available for Unregulated Lending (Commercial and not Consumer Loans) and typically range from a term of 3 months to 2 years. The cost of Private Loan funds vary with the type and location of the security, loan term as well as other factors so each transaction needs to be costed separately on a case-by-case basis.
  • Construction Loans

    Construction Finance is becoming increasingly complicated and difficult to obtain and Financiers often have different requirements around the required level of pre-sales, project profit margin, project location, sponsor experience and so on. Through our extensive contacts and experience we can facilitate finance at the best rates, terms and conditions for your project.
  • Vehicle Finance

    Whether you are looking to buy your dream car or another work vehicle, we can assist in arranging fast and cost-effective finance for your needs.
  • Asset Finance

    If you require finance business equipment or other business working assets, we can assist with finance secured against the asset you require generally without the need to utilise equity you have in property or other assets.

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